“Throughout the programme I feel personally it was a really good experience.  The reason for this is because I have learnt so many different things such as communication, working as a team and also how to be a leader.”

“It has given a real insight for the students into what is expected of them in the business world.”

“I think the programme has been very helpful as it has taught me more about my own skills and qualities and what I need to improve to work as part of a team.”

“The course benefited students by gaining a nationally recognised management qualification at a young age. Developing their leadership skills through a variety of fun and interactive tasks.”

“The best thing about the CMI course was the structured resources. These were easy to deliver for teachers and easy to follow for students.”

“We have always found Studyflex to be very accommodating and professional. Well organised and led deliveries which students benefit from hugely.”

“A pleasure working with you guys. Friendly, efficient and a very valuable to the development of students”

“The StudyFlex trainer was very good at engaging the students and getting everyone involved”

“Focussed on skills, not just results, which was useful. Gave a realistic view of what employers want”

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“Studyflex was commissioned to provide team-building and empowerment support to a group of 7 managers in new roles.  The training was comprehensive and included work shadowing, psychometric profiles, team days, a residential and individual support sessions.  Undoubtedly the training has had the desired outcomes by enabling managers to grow in confidence and in their readiness to feel more self-sufficient yet also to share problems and solutions with their peers.”

Gordon Bernard

Lucien is a highly perceptive person who is capable of both understanding training requirements and recommending enhancements to training plans based on his ability to quickly understand people and the team dynamics that unfold during the course of training. Lucien is always a pleasure to work with, he is a great coach and I have personally benefited from his feedback whenever I have worked with him.”

Natalie Seatter , VP Project Management eCommerce Delivery, WorldPay

“Working with StudyFlex has been both positive and productive. They have been able to field knowledgeable and able consultants who have helped us create relevant development activities that fit the needs and culture of the organisation. The Management Development programme has been particularly effective.We would certainly work with them again!”

Alistair McGarry

“Our trainer Allison was excellent, she presented the course very well and all information was very informative and will help me in my job role.”

S Kaur

“I found the training exceeded my expectations and the trainer very helpful.  I was amazed that I did know more than I thought – the trainer helped me recognise my strengths.”

N Yaseen

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“The support from my tutor and the organisation was excellent, with really quick response times to queries.”

Alexis Smith

“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of the diploma.  The support, encouragement and positive comments I received from my tutor helped to keep me focused.”

Chris Smith

“The support and feedback I received has been spectacular, a real help to my qualification. I would definitely recommend StudyFlex to a friend.”

Michelle Corbett

“I thought the course material was well written and well set up. The positive attitude, encouragement and support from the office team and tutors makes a real difference and has been very much appreciated!”

Raphael Herbaut

“Enjoyed studying in my own time scaled deadlines, tutor could let me get on with it without being chased.  Enjoyed the modules and being able to choose some rather than having them all mapped out to do every one.”

Sarah Cotterell

“I really enjoyed completing the course and with a busy family and work life, I was pleased to complete this at my own pace without the pressure. The study guides were very good and really helped my understanding of each of the topic’s covered. My tutor Ruth was always very helpful, taking the time to explain area’s I needed clarity on and using example scenarios to help me. Ruth was always very quick to respond and assist, she was a pleasure to work with.

I enjoyed every aspect of the course – each area I covered will help me to reach my career aspirations.”

Louisa James

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