Which Course Should I Choose?

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Introductory Qualifications

If you want a short course looking at the main aspects of leadership and management from a high level why not consider one of the introductory qualifications?

Assessment is by one written assignment and it will take you between 2 and 6 months. These qualifications range from the Level 2 Introduction to Team Leading up to the Level 7 Introduction to Strategic Management and Leadership and are great way to get your foot on the management qualification ladder.


Full Qualifications

If you want a more in-depth look at the essential aspects of leadership and management why not choose one of the full qualification options?

There are 4 qualification areas ranging from Team Leading up to Strategic Management and Leadership. Within each qualification area sits 3 options:


To be awarded a Diploma you complete all the units within the programme (7 – 9 depending on the programme)


To be awarded a Certificate you complete 2 – 3 of the units


To receive an Award you complete 1 of the units

So, there is real flexibility allowing you to start with a bite sized chunk and build on it as you move forward.