Fit for Employability & Enterprise

A growing number of students are leaving full time education without the adequate or basic skills to join the workforce.

Study commissioned by the Young Enterprise charity.

This workshop can be run as a full day, half-day or short sessions on a carousel basis, and will help students to understand what employers are seeking.

What are employers looking for in their new recruits?  It’s been identified through extensive research that there are four key areas that new recruits into the workplace are lacking.  These are attitude and ambition, planning and organisation, teamwork, and communication.  Providing access and exposure to a real life assessment centre scenario, these interactive, motivational and practical sessions are ideal for students in years 10 – 13, whether they are looking to go to university or straight into employment.  Helping students to understand how they can become Fit for Work – now or in the future.

Students leave the session with:

  • A clear understanding of the four key areas employers are looking for
  • Knowledge of how to demonstrate this at application, interview and those all important first few weeks.
  • An understanding of what attitude really means
  • Interview and CV skills – how to present themselves and secure the right job
  • A personal development plan
  • The ability to demonstrate their organisation and planning skills
  • How to demonstrate their organisation and teamwork
  • A focus on their own personal achievements and qualities and how to present these
  • The option to build on their learning and gain a CMI qualification
  • A plan for the future!

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“Powerful delivery from people who are in business rather than teachers!”

“The course gave a strong message re what today’s employers are looking for in today’s ‘workplace’ e.g. communication skills, attitude, ambition, team work.”

“The session focused students on the world of work and their place in it. Showed the students the importance of how they portrayed themselves in a working environment. It gave all the students that took part an increased confidence. ”