Fit for Learning

With growing pressure to produce good exam results, many students will benefit from a boost to their learning and studying techniques – from Year 7 upwards.

Whether it’s mock exams, GCSEs, A levels or other exams looming on the horizon, these interactive, relevant Fit for Exams workshops provide practical methods to maximise student performance, both in planning the revision workload and in the exam itself.  These sessions are ideal for students in all year groups, helping them to establish good methods and techniques for note-taking, studying and learning.

Students leave the session with:

  • A personal revision plan
  • The motivation to succeed
  • A full understanding of the techniques they can use in all their subjects
  • Focus on their own personal achievements
  • A plan to pass

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“Our presenter talked to the students on their level. He was motivating, fun and clearly explained how and why our mind set could be the biggest hurdle. He readily engaged the students whilst showing them techniques for exam preparation.”

“It has helped me learn how to revise correctly. It has showed me that I shouldn’t cram for exams instead I should review the work every few days so it will stick in my head.”